The Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our drivers become the most competitive version of themselves whilst creating an inclusive team atmosphere.

I have worked with Radical Sportscars for years and I was the team manager for Radical Motorsports UK Race team. However I was keen to bring a more driver inclusive environment to the paddock, and so DW Racing was formed.

This team is focused on identifying and setting driver goals, and enabling them to achieve them.

Daz Darren “Daz” Winter


Our Cars

Radical sportscars have a lightweight and aerodynamic design, as well as a powerful engine capable of producing high levels of horsepower.

The Radical’s spaceframe chassis reduces the vehicle’s overall weight and increase its performance. The suspension system is designed for maximum grip and handling around a track and the braking system is made up of high-performance disc brakes for exhilarating stopping power.

The engine is located in the back of the vehicle and is a V-type or flat configuration. The transmission is usually a high-performance semi-automatic transmission which aids in smooth and precise shifting.


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