One-off Services

We don’t just offer our mechanical expertise to drivers racing with DW Racing. Our skills are open to anyone for overhauls or even just to take a second look.

Get in touch so we can discuss your needs, or take a quick look at some of the services below.

Full refresh

If your car is ready for some TLC we’ll strip it right down and get it firing on all cylinders in no time.

Prices may vary based on the car and any parts needing to be replaced. This work is charged by the hour.

Collection or drop-off available.

Car setup – flat patch corner weights

Suffered a crash of feel unbalanced around a track?

We will balance your car correctly ensuring you and your car are perfectly in tune next time you’re speeding around a track.

Post or pre event prep and check

Want us to make your car “race ready”? No problem. We will set your car up based on your advised driving style and your next scheduled race.

If you’ve already raced and feel you’d like us to shake it down we will strip the car back, clean it up, analyse any new issues which might have arisen and advise proposed steps/fix it up.

GDU refresh

Have you run up your hours? or do you feel the car is telling you its time for a refresh. We can service the GDU and give it back good as new.

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