RACE REPORT: OULTON PARK | 16-18th June 2023

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Ben Caisley

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Ben’s testing was unfortunately hampered by some mechanical issues. We had a few good laps of running in the morning but ultimately his time behind the wheel was limited.


The team worked hard into the evening to resolve the issues plaguing testing but unfortunately they persisted into qualifying and Ben was unable to set a time. There was no decision, the only solution was an engine change ahead of the first race of the weekend just 3 hours later.

In true DW fashion, the job was done quickly and efficiently and Ben was in a fine position to battle his way from last place.

Race 1

From lights out, Ben was on a mission to get back in front. Starting last (15th) Ben had a thrilling start gaining two places into turn one before being gifted a place due to a spin further up. He then went on to maneuver his Radical SR3 around teammate Andy before taking another car going into Lodge. Ben finished his first lap in 9th and he wasn’t done there.

On lap 3, Ben took Rishover and settled for a few more laps in 8th.

7th position didn’t come until lap 9 when Ben overtook Stone.

On the timing chart, a penalty incurred by a driver further up meant Ben gained a provisional 6th despite the position on track remaining 7th.

In the closing stages, Ben gained 2 spaces on Preen and Chance, which on lap 14 of 18 would have had him secure 4th, however a lock up into the hairpin allowed them back through, undoing the work.

Ben passed the chequered flag in P6, but secured the second fastest lap of the race, putting him on the front row for race 2.

Race 2

Starting in P2, Ben was fighting wheel to wheel with De Leon, but was unable to push his was into the top spot.

Lay, who was in third, was able to take advantage of the fighting duo and moved into second, demoting Ben on the opening lap.

10 minutes into the race and Ben was with the leaders – it was anyone’s race at this stage.

At the 15 minute mark, the time splitting the top 3 drivers were within 1 second of each other and whilst all were improving, Ben put in the fastest lap of the race at that stage. The gap to the next car behind (which was teammate Peter) was at 3 seconds.

Despite a quality drive, the 3 cars crossed the line in the same positions they had at the end of lap one.

Race 3

Onto race 3 and Ben was starting P3 with no ‘success seconds’ to be added on. Confidence was high despite the threat of rain.

Ben was being pressured early from Khateeb behind, but Ben held position and there was no change in order until the pits.

Seconds before the pit open, a spin elsewhere deployed the safety car. Fortunately Ben was able to take advantage and moved straight in. A mistake by another team as well as the added success seconds meant the two leaders would rejoin the race far further down the order than they initially planned. Unfortunately, and due to no fault of Ben’s, Khateeb was able to jump him in the pits and two emerged with Ben behind in P2.

Ben trailed Khateeb for the remainder of the race, with the gap never splitting them by more than a second.

Despite his frustration, the outright second was one he enjoyed celebrating.




Peter Tyler

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Peter was comfortable with the track early, but it was the small nuances and setup decisions which took much of his time on Friday.


Peter was running well in qualifying. Despite 2 red flags eating the available 25 minutes, Peter was consistently within the top 6.

With 2 minutes left in the final stint of a broken up qualifying Peter put in a 1:22.7 which put him 4th overall and 1st in the Fangio class, with P2 in class just 1 tenth behind.

Always one to push, his final lap stormed around and he improved by another 2 tenths, banking a 1:22:5. He remained 2 tenths off 3rd position but increased the gap to Preen behind.

Race 1

Peter started P4 overall and 1st in the Fangio class. He did manage to gain a place on De Leon before losing it back, finishing the lap with a firm hold on P4.

10 minutes in and he had extended the gap behind him to 1 second, although 7 tenths split him from the podium positions.

Penalties picked up by Khateeb who as running in 3rd meant Peter would move provisionally into 3rd assuming he could keep within the 5 second penalty window put on Khateeb.

Coming around on lap 15, a problem ahead with Lay who was in second, dropped him a handful of positions, promoting Peter.

Passing the chequered flag, Peter would take the class win and his best ever outright position: P2.

This was a thrilling result and we’re incredibly proud of Peters achievement.

Race 2

Peter started P6 based on his overall fastest time of race 1.

There was some shuffling of the order during the opening lap but Peter would cross the line for the first time in the same position he started, however P1 in class.

On lap 8 Peter was gifted 5th position due to a retiring car further ahead.

On lap 9, Peter was vying for Ben Stone’s P4 position. Applying the pressure, he manages to force a mistake which moved Peter nicely into 4th overall.

Peter was following the leading pack which had Ben at the tail. There was no sign of an outright podium this time, but he did finish once again P1 in the Fangio class!

Race 3

On Sundays race 3, Peter was starting once again in P6. This time, he trailed Preen in 5th which knocked him into P2 position for the fangio class.

Defensive of achieving a hat-trick, Peter took no time in taking 5th position and the Fangio lead from Preen and finished lap one ahead.

The cars would remain in position until the safety car was deployed just ahead of the pit stop.

Making an efficient move into the pits, completed by a smooth stop, Peter would eventually emerge in 3rd position.

Watching teammate Ben apply pressure on the leader, Peter was in a comfortable 3rd with a large gap emerging behind.

The final laps would come around and Peter was safe in the knowledge that if he lapped sensibly, a second outright podium would be his, but also the hat-trick Fangio win.

He did just this and joined teammate Ben on the podium, before soaking up the ITV limelight.



Oscar Joyce

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Saturday mornings qualifying rolled around and Oscar found a better balance in the car.

The pace was good and only 9 tenths split the top 4. Oscar knew more time could be had from the car and reported back ahead of the first race.

Race 1

Oscar was forced early to defend more than attack, and unfortunately he lost out to Ockenden, pushing Oscar down into 5th.

With 10 minutes passing, Oscar was settling into the race but not finding enough pace to vie for 4th position.

Clearly pushing the limits of his car, Oscar was shown the black and white warning flag for track limits. Something he noted as a 5 second penalty is not what he wanted.

Making up ground, Oscar was back within fighting position of Ockenden and was looking to make a move with a healthy 12 minutes left on the clock.

Side by side down the start finish straight Oscar was fighting hard for 4th.

It wasn’t meant to be, and Oscar ended up crossing the line in 5th despite giving a great performance.

Race 2

Oscar started P4 and was able to gain a position on Wood and move into the podium positions after the first lap.

He held P3 comfortably and was secure in this position at the 10 minute mark.

Lapping was a bit solo at this point, as a gap of 2 seconds had emerged to the car in front, and Oscar was able to also put a gap of 5 seconds to the cars behind!

In the following laps, the gap behind started to diminish but on lap 12, a problem with one of the cars ahead had him close incredibly quickly and take P2 position.

On the following lap 14, Oscar was unable to defend the P2 position much longer and ultimately he would cross the line with an outright 3rd!


Race 3

The theme of Oscars 3rd race was the number 3.

He started 3rd which he lost briefly until gaining it back due to one of the leading cars spinning and causing a safety car just ahead of the pit window.

Once the cars had settled into the second half of the race, Oscar was lapping in third where ultimately he would remain until the finish.


Andy Lowe

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Andys qualifying session started slightly inconsistent and with an early pit he was able to rejoin after 5 laps and then pounce on the pace.

He started setting consistent laps and the time was slowly dropping as the car and track evolved.

On lap 11 of 12, Andy punched in his best time of 1:23.423 which put him in P10 ahead of race 1.

An even more notable feat is that Andy’s qualifying time was 0.001 seconds different to his ideal laptime (a combination of his best sectors) despite having faster sectors and top speeds achieved in other laps.

Race 1

Lining up in P10, Andy was in a tough spot and was dropped a place on the opening lap by Rishover who jumped a number of places.

As the drivers settled into the race, Andy found himself in a great fight between Zielonka and Rishover.

The trio would lap close but there were no changes in position.

Andy would cross the line in P11 and P5 in the Fangio class.


Race 2

The fastest lap of Andys first race had him starting in P11.

Andy made it past Zielonka on the opening lap before having to hand it back as they came around for lap 2.

Williams from behind was charging up the order and took a position from Andy. This time, it was his chance to fight back and he regained the position by lap 8.

On lap 10 Andy was able to gain a position due to Stone falling down the order.

Andy would remain in place and cross the line 10th and 5th in class once again.

Race 3

Andy was in 12th for the start of race 3.

There were challenges behind and some shuffling in order but he maintained position.

On lap 6 he swapped positions with Williams which put him into 11th ahead of the pit window.

The pit window would open just after a safety car was deployed, Andy pitted late into the window to serve his pitstop, which included an additional 5 seconds from his successes a Snetterton.

Once the success seconds and inevitable position swaps had been made, Andy emerged P10.

However, it was unfortunate that an error in the pit stop penalised Andy with a 10 second stop and go penalty which he had to serve during the race.

With only a couple of laps remaining, Andy emerged back on track would would cross the finish line in P15.



Radical Hagerty Cup Oulton Park 2023 Full Results

A detailed summary of lap times and positions can be found on the TSL website.

Follow this link for a detailed pdf results and performance page.

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Written and edited by: Adam Tyler. Photos by: Adam Tyler & Ollie Read
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