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Oscar Joyce

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Oscar Joyce racing Radical SR1

OJ has launched into the world of race cars with every bit of enthusiasm you’d expect to see from someone hooked on driving fast since he was 8!

My first every memory of racing was when my dad took me to the British grand prix 2012 ( Age 8 ) and seeing Sergio Perez come flying down the national straight in the pouring rain. After that I turned round to my dad and said one day I want to do that !

Oscar will be easy to spot as he’ll be sporting one of the more unique liveries on track…

As a professional Doodler, Oscar has turned his car into 1501 characters or “Pixel Racers”.

Each character is an NFT (Non-fungible token) which can be purchased online. By owning one of these NFTs you will be in with a chance of winning Oscars SR1 or a cash equivalent, along with 10 other prizes throughout the year.

Oscar raced a similarly designed go kart in 2022 and his efforts are being followed by nearly 50k people online.

DW Racing will be publishing updates on Oscars efforts on and off track.

Be sure to follow the teams progress and learn more about our new driver on OSCAR’S DRIVER PROFILE


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